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Rootzilla Rooting Gel

Golden Ratio

Starting plants from seeds is a wonderful way to start planting. Unfortunately, it is also very time consuming and may not produce uniform results considering each seed may contain different genetic traits as those from the parents. Much like siblings with the same parents, each child will be genetically different, expressing different traits. Thru selective breeding programs, professional breeders have been able produce seeds in which most of their seed stock will produce the desired genetic traits.

Root Propagation / Cloning has helped growers for decades produce a consistent and uniform crop by allowing them to reproduce exact genetic duplicates of desired plants expressing specific traits. (e.g. smell, taste, looks, color, vigor, resistance etc.)

Root propagation / Cloning is a process in which plant material is taken from a “Mother Plant” and placed in an environment in where the plant specimen will be encouraged to induce roots in order to produce a genetically identical plant as the “Mother Plant”

Traditionally, Rooting / Cloning gels and powders in the past were designed just to adhere and apply the necessary hormones with mediocre results.

Nature, Technology and Science converge at Green Cross Hydroponics as we introduce “ROOTZILLA” a newly formulated rooting propagation gel engineered for optimal results.

With advancements in technology, Rootzilla Rooting Gel has been engineered to effectively deliver and penetrate the plants tissue in order to deliver the necessary hormones to ensure successful root propagation.

Rootzilla Rooting Gel can be successfully used in all soil and soil-less gardens.

The image above is an actual picture of successful root propagation with Rootzilla Rooting Gel at 10 days in an aeroponic cloning system.