Developed in Northern California, Green Cross Hydroponics is a manufacturer and developer of premium laboratory grade conventional commercial fertilizers and supplements intended for agricultural production and professional use with over twenty years of plant research and analysis.


Our products have been tested and engineered for commercialized production of high quality culinary and medicinal plants.

– Optimized for use with enzymes, hormones, microbes, organic stimulants, carbohydrate based solutions, fulvic and amino acids etc.

– Customized plant specific nutrient formulations to achieve optimal results.

– Purified via reverse osmosis to deliver exact nutrients to ensure the finest crop.

– Compromised of horticulture lab grade ingredients for professional results.

– All GCH products are Made in the USA.

*NOTE – All Green Cross Hydroponics products are formulated to be used on agricultural plants for human consumption. Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) are not incorporated into any of our products. PGR’s are toxic for human consumption and must only be used for ornamental plants. PGR’s such as Daminozide, initially registered as a pesticide in 1968, has been illegal to use on food crops since 1989. EPA Report

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