Bloom-X is a highly concentrated nutrient supplement formulated to promotes prolific flowering & facilitates ripening of annual flowers & herbs.

Bloom-X contains essential macro-nutrients required by seedlings, newly rooted clones and flowering and fruiting plants for the development of healthy roots, stimulation of flowering, ripening of fruits and seed production.

Bloom-X is important for the manufacture and transport of plant sugars / carbohydrates, increases the chlorophyll in leaves, regulates the opening and closing of the leaf stomata, disease resistance, water uptake and ripening process of fruits. The potassium (K) in Bloom-X is also found in the juice of fruits which contributes to an increase of fruit taste and fruit quality. High levels of this element are required for protein synthesis.  Bloom-X helps to manufacture sugars and starches, as well as contributes to root growth and plant hardiness.

Foliar application of Bloom-X is an optional supplement to hydroponic and soil fertilization at growth stages when high levels of phosphorus and potassium are required. At early season foliar application with Bloom-X will promotes the establishment of healthy root system. Bud Bloom is an efficient suppressor of powdery mildew in susceptible crops (deciduous, vineyards, mango, cucumbers, melons, roses and others).

Bloom-X is to be used only at the flowering stage of the plants life cycle to will help produce larger, heavier fruits & flowers.

Deficiency – Plants are stunted and the leaves turn dark green to purplish in color. This is due to a buildup of Anthocyanin pigments. These symptoms normally occur in the older leaves first. Plant maturity will also be delayed and yields will be low. Seed production is also severely affected.
Symptoms occur in older leaves first with yellow blotches and in severe cases dead spots will occur. Branches and stems will weaken and eventually becomes brittle. Flowering and fruiting is diminished and yields are low and poor in quality.

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