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Silicon is considered an essential trace element for optimal growth and development. Silicon is highly recommended for all plants.

Silicon is currently under consideration for elevation to the status of a “plant beneficial substance by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO). Silicon has been shown in university and field studies to improve cell wall strength and structural integrity, improve drought and frost resistance, decrease lodging potential and boost the plant’s natural pest and disease fighting systems. Silicon has also been shown to improve plant vigor and physiology by improving root mass and density, and increasing above ground plant biomass and crop yields.

Silicon+ is formulated to strengthen the plant walls producing stronger healthier plants with massive root systems and increased resistance to pests and disease.

– Improves uptake of nutrients and transport through the plant.
– Strengthens cell walls, helping plants to resist attacks from fungi and mites.
– Increases chlorophyll production leading to darker green leaves and improved light collection.
– Increases uptake of available CO2 and utilizes the enhanced metabolic processes to deliver higher yields.
– Additional potassium for enhanced flowering.

Silicon+ has an important role in the uptake and vascular transport of mineral nutrients, and can greatly improve the mechanical “strength” of the plant and its resistance to fungal diseases.

The addition of Silicon+ to nutrient solutions can greatly reduce the incidence and severity of fungal diseases including Botrytis (bud rot) and powdery mildew.

Silicon+ can also be used as a foliar spray.

Silicon+ is highly recommended for all plants.
*Note – All concentrated hydroponic nutrient formulations will not contain any silicon
as this will cause the nutrients to lock up and become unassimilated.

Deficiency – Deficiencies of silicon have been known to reduce yields.


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