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Water Quality For Crop Success


Water quality is of prime concern for agriculture. Water containing over 50 PPM (parts per million) of sodium chloride is not suitable for successful plant growth . As sodium chloride increases, plant growth is restricted which will eventually lead to the plants death. Some plants are less susceptible to low levels of salt.


Water hardness is the measure of the carbonate ion (HC03-). As hardness increases, PH increases. As the PH increases, certain essential micronutrients such as iron (Fe) become unavailable. Ground water / well water lying in calcareous and dolomitic limestone may contain high levels of calcium and magnesium carbonate.

Nutrient designed for ground water will contain less calcium and magnesium due to the content present in ground water.

water testing

When utilizing tap water or ground water, a Water Analysis Test should be conducted to determine the levels of certain ions which may be toxic to the plant.


Many growers today utilize a reverse osmosis system to reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) to nearly zero PPM in order to avoid any nutrient deficiencies / toxicity.

Our Green Cross Hydroponic nutrient line is engineered to help achieve professional results by providing your plants with the optimal levels of macro and micro nutrients throughout the different stages of growth.

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