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When To Change Nutrient Solution

In a closed hydroponic system in which the nutrient solution is returned back to the reservoir, the life of the solution for most plants is 2-3 weeks, depending upon the season of the year and the stage of plant growth. During summer months, nutrient solutions may need to be changed weekly due to the plants increased absorption rates of different elements in the nutrient solution. If the solution is not changed out within a certain period of time, some elements may no longer become available for the plant.

To determine which elements need be supplemented in the nutrient solution can be determined thru lab analysis. Unfortunately, these lab analysis can be quite costly. The most economical method against nutrient disorders is to change the nutrient solution periodically. In most cases, we also would not recommend adding additional nutrients to the solution in between reservoir changes in order to avoid excessive levels of certain elements which may be toxic to the plants.  

The utilization of various minerals by the plant are affected by:
– Type of Crop
– Stage of development
– Environmental conditions : light, temperature, humidity

Plants use different element in the nutrient solution at different rates which is causing the composition of the solution to continually change. Some elements are depleted at a much faster rate than others, while the concentration is being increased due to the plants increased use of water compared to the elements in the solution. The pH levels of the solution will also be changing as a result of the unbalanced absorption of the anions and cations from the solution.

So remember to change out the nutrient solution in your reservoir periodically, and use products such as our ZONE Hydroponic Nutrients in order to get the most optimal results from your plants.

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